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  • My Pillow and My Store

    Everyone knows Mike Lindell "The Pillow Guy," either from his commercials, his work on election fraud, or because you're already using a my pillow. Did you know his mattress topper, sheets, slippers and sandals are just as amazing? And now Mike has launched My Store, with a variety of amazing products (including coffee!) for everything you need in your home. Save up to 66% when you use promo code DEFIANT at My Pillow or My Store!

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  • Fresh Mouth Nano Silver Toothpaste

    Did you know that with over200,000 times more bacteria than your toilet seat, your toothbrush is arguably the filthiest thing in your entire home?Studies have shown that over 80% of all toothbrushes have fecal matter on them,YES THAT IS POOP!!!After 2 weeks your average toothbrush will have more than 10 million bacteria living in it, forming colonies that make it almost impossible to clean or kill.(Get the UV protector to eliminate this and keep your brush fresh and clean till your new one arrives )

    After 1 month the average toothbrush bristles start to fray. This can leave micro tears in your gums allowing toxic bacteria into your bloodstream. This is where serious health conditions can form.

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  • My Patriot Supply


    When we launched My Patriot Supply in 2008 as the first patriot emergency supply company, we had no idea what was coming. Nobody did.

    Since then, the economy has collapsed, natural disasters have repeatedly struck, a worldwide pandemic hit, supply chains melted down, and riots broke out in our streets. And more recently, the price of everything has skyrocketed, the power grid is no longer stable, and the globe teeters on the edge of global breakdowns. 

    Who knows what new twists the next few years will bring?

    The future is almost here, click here to stock up now! 
  • Kush Creams

    At Kush Creams™ we choose to use highly medicinal emu oil for the base of all topical products. Our lotion, however, absorbs into your skin and you are able to reapply repeatedly to increase your dosage. Emu oil is the secret to our delivery system.


    rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, eczema, psoriasis, ms, pinched nerves, restless leg syndrome, migraines, anxiety and stress, back aches, mrsa, gout, tattoo prep and aftercare, burn aftercare, scar restoration, skin rashes, bug bites, deep muscle pain, broken bones, artificial limbs, acne, toothache, fibromyalgia.

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  • Sirius CBD

    We miss our brother Justin Andersch from Cannabis and Combat every day; every show we do is dedicated to his memory. His Sirius CDB changed so many lives (including Mic's) that we could not see his company go under with his death. Sirius CBD is 5 panel tested and small batch processed. We are proud to sponsor Sirius CSB - the best premium CBD products on the planet. Save 35% on Sirius CBD with promo code DEFIANT!

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  • Kirk Elliott PhD, Private Advisors

    The team at KEPHD helps you explode your impact and influence through strategic implementation of tools and processes designed to coordinate with your dreams and creative ideas.  Together we can help you:

    We help secure your financial futureWe strategically grow your portfolio with the right investment given the current economic and political landscape  We utilize tangible assets (gold and silver) to fund your investment portfolioWe are people over profit and thrive on the relationship with you to foster a lifetime relationship.

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  • Dr. Stella Immanuel

    Dr. Stella can save your life. She saved Vlynn's mom and thousands more with IVM and HCQ. If you're sick now or just want to be prepared for the future, Dr. Stella can get you what you need to get and stay healthy. Click on the link below and use promo code DEFIANT to save 5% on telehealth visits, scripts and vitamins.

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  • The Docs Sherwood at the Functional Medical Clinic, Tulsa OK

    The docs Sherwood are some of our favorite people, and the few doctors we trust. Dr. Mark is a naturopathic doctor and Dr. Michelle is an alopathic doctor. At their clinic in Tulsa they treat the entire patient, mind, body and soul.

    Click here to get your free ebook and start on your path towards healing today. 
  • Culture of Life 1972

    COL1972 is an American, Patriot clothing line that puts their money where their mouth is. Part of every purchase goes to fight for life, against the wholesale slaughter of our babies before they're born.

    Click here and save 10% with promo code PATRIOT PARTY and support a Culture of Life! 
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